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Product description


The Pocket Gun 4.0 is a rubber band pistol designed specifically for maximum portability and functionality. With a collapsible handle and compact dimensions, it is ideal for the pocket while still offering some features.

DIMENSIONS (collapsed):

Length: 103.5 mm
Width: 65 mm
Thickness: 16.6 mm


Collapsible handle: The handle can be collapsed, making the pistol extremely compact and easily storable. This is an outstanding feature that sets it apart from other rubber band pistols, maximizing its suitability for the pocket.

Bit holder: Bits can be inserted into the muzzle of the pistol. While this is more of a playful feature and the holder may not be perfect for frequent use, this idea holds the potential to expand the Pocket Gun 4.0 into a versatile multitool. In emergencies, this function can still be useful.

Measurement unit on the handle: A 3 cm long measurement unit is located on the handle, which can be used as a ruler or for measuring small objects. This handy feature enhances the usefulness of the pistol in everyday life.

Ammunition: The Pocket Gun 4.0 uses rubber bands approximately 3 cm in length.



Power: Due to its compact size, the Pocket Gun 4.0 is not the most powerful model on the market. However, it offers sufficient power for typical rubber band pistol applications and excels in its unique portability and multifunctionality.


Print profile: I will provide 2 profiles for the model, one with AMS and one without. Primarily in the AMS variant, it concerns support with PLA in conjunction with PETG, which detaches extremely easily and cleanly. The AMS variant is definitely the better choice as certain elements come out of the printer very cleanly. Additionally, it's a very interesting solution to ensure clean bridging, but unfortunately, AMS is required. If you prefer not to print with PLA and PETG as support, switch to the profile (without AMS).


Montage: Assembly of the Pocket Gun 4.0 is mostly done through snap connections, although some points need to be fixed with super glue. An assembly video has been provided, illustrating the key steps and enabling easy assembly.The magnet that can be inserted is optional.


Potential for improvement: While the Pocket Gun 4.0 is a thoughtful and versatile model, it still has some minor issues that could further enhance its performance and durability:

Spring wear: The spring in the locking mechanism wears relatively quickly and fails to fully drive the lock into the optimal position. To solve this issue, the spring would need to be printed from ABS, which is currently not possible for me as I lack the enclosed build space. Although the PETG spring does not last long, the locking function still continues to work.

Bit holder: The bit holder is not deep enough, which can affect the secure storage and use of the bits.


Material tests: During test prints with various filaments such as PLA, PLA+, PETG, some important insights were gained. PLA+ proved to be the least suitable, encountering issues such as warping and poorer dimensional accuracy. Even using PLA+ for the springs led to disappointments due to rapid wear. Similarly, the PLA SILK Bronze from Bambu, while aesthetically pleasing, quickly broke some parts. It may be suitable for decorative purposes but not for functional models.

The best results were achieved when the grip and springs were printed from PETG and the rest from PLA. However, it is possible to print everything from PETG, with the main reason for the combination of materials being to save time and material.

Despite these challenges, the Pocket Gun 4.0 remains a practical and portable rubber band pistol that can be made even better through continuous improvements.


Recommended materials: 
PLA: Bambu code : 10101
Kingroon : https://amzn.to/4agNkvO

Sunlu : https://amzn.to/4bhXnlr
PETG: Bambu code : 30600
Amazone : https://amzn.to/3WN2khR



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Printing settings

  • 0.2 mm
  • 2 walls
  • 20% infill



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Details parameters

<ul><li>0.2 mm</li><li>2 walls</li><li><p>20% infill</p><p>&nbsp;</p></li></ul>

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