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About me:Hi there, my name is Tom. Check out my Instagram I make designs in my free time. Feel free to reach out to me if you need something custom or changed.

Product description

Beefore you start

This is an assembly kit that you have to make by printing separate parts and fitting them together. If you want to make it sturdy use some glue but in my experience, I did not need it.

I will feature your prints on my Instagram add your Instagram handle. If you want to see more or have any questions and want a fast response? Follow me on Instagram.

Do you want to support me or become a reseller of my designs? Go take a look at my Patreon!

You like the filament that I used? Buy the Yellow, Black and White here!

The Files

I have included every individual part of the bee and if you print them on a 100% scale it will be bigger than your average hand palm. But there is also an all-in-one file where I include all the parts for an easy one print-only experience. I had to scale this file down to 70% but this depends on your printer capabilities.
If you want to assemble this you have to print part 12 till 17 one more time.

Why did you make this?

First of all, there are some similar designs on this platform but I can ensure you that I made this. Secondly, I just love making things. I got inspired by a wooden bee my brother made when he was young (he is not young anymore).

Who are you?

Just a dutch student with a fun hobby that sometimes makes a video about his designs.

Please share pictures of the prints

Have fun :)
I am not perfect and so are my designs :)

Printing settings

Printer Brand: Creality

Printer:  Ender 3

Rafts: No

Supports:  No


Infill:  15

Filament: PolyMaker PLA


❌ Sharing without ATTRIBUTION
✔️ Remix Culture allowed
❌ Commercial Use
❌ Free Cultural Works
❌ Meets Open Definition

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons (4.0 International License) Attribution-NonCommercial

All files (16)

Full_set.stl (5.8 MB)

Part_1.stl (378.0 KB)

Part_2.stl (21.6 KB)

Part_3.stl (90.3 KB)

Part_4.stl (108.4 KB)

Part_5.stl (170.5 KB)

Part_6.stl (200.3 KB)

Part_7.stl (200.2 KB)

Part_8.stl (200.2 KB)

Part_9.stl (193.5 KB)

Part_10.stl (187.2 KB)

Part_11.stl (834.1 KB)

Part_12.stl (43.6 KB)

Part_13.stl (41.7 KB)

Part_14.stl (45.6 KB)

Part_15.stl (38.4 KB)

Details parameters

<p><strong>Printer Brand: </strong>Creality</p><p><strong>Printer: &nbsp;</strong>Ender 3</p><p><strong>Rafts: </strong>No</p><p><strong>Supports: &nbsp;</strong>No</p><p><strong>Resolution:</strong>100</p><p><strong>Infill: &nbsp;</strong>15</p><p><strong>Filament: </strong>PolyMaker PLA</p>

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